The Red Couch Tells a Hughtrain Story

The Red Couch tells the story of how ad man Hugh MacLeod and PR guy David Parmet helped world-class Savile Row tailor Thomas Mahon from relative obscurity to international renown through blogging:

MacLeod says he started filling Mahon’s “head with Cluetrain and blogging stuff,” and slowly Mahon got interested. “We started thinking that if Mahon could talk about tailoring on a blog about the same way that Seth Godin talks about marketing, then the people who care will see it. Mahon wouldn’t try to sell suits on the blog. Instead, he would show his knowledge and love of the craft. He would explain the labor, and materials involved and why the cost of each suit was justified.” The idea was that the people who cared either about suits or how a master craftsmen creates them would find their way to the site.

I want to believe that any world-class craftsman could reach the same success merely by keeping a blog on his work. I want to believe that, but I can’t. Too much of Thomas’s success is tied up with Hugh’s immense popularity. Thomas brought a great story, but Hugh brought the audience to hear it.

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