Forget About The Solution, Focus On The Problem

Wil Schroter:

Companies who want to be successful in persuading customers and investors to get excited about their product don’t need more PowerPoint slides discussing what the product does. They need more slides discussing how big the problem truly is. The better you become at articulating the problem the easier it will be for customers and investors to appreciate the value of your solution.

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5 Questions that can lead to Buzz

Ron McDaniel:

Ask yourself these five questions and ask other people in your organization the same questions. Identify areas in common and then start creating some buzz about the good stories and special qualities. Everyone in the organization should know at least a few stories they can tell someone that paints the organization in a good and memorable light.

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Persistence as Your Personal Competitive Advantage

David V. Lorenzo:

Eddie Cantor, a star of stage, screen, radio and TV from 1900 to 1960 said; “It took me twenty years to become an overnight success”.

Let’s think about that literally for a minute. If I told you today that your dreams would come true if you gave 100% effort everyday toward those dreams for the next twenty years, would you be able to do it?

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Seven Founding Sins Roundup

David Beisel:

Thanks largely to the exposure of Fred Wilson’s kind words, my recent post on the Seven Founding Sins – common mistakes which often divert entrepreneurs off the path towards success – received a number of comments and feedback throughout the blogosphere. I’d recommend reading the original post, but the summary of the sins itemized are: inauthenticity, sloth, extravagance, taciturnity, greed, arrogance, and indecisiveness.

Given that I thought the discussion was interesting, I thought I would highlight a few others’ reactions.

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