Sending a Trackback Ping with HaloScan

Hats off to How To Blog for tipping me off to Haloscan’s trackback sending feature:

According to their tutorial on sending a trackback ping, each time you want to send a trackback from Blogger (or similar tool), you have to

  • login to HaloScan
  • click ‘Manage Trackback”
  • click “Send a trackback ping”
  • Paste the TrackBack ping URL into the edit box for ‘URLs to Ping’
  • Fill in your blog name
  • Paste YOUR permalink URL
  • Paste a copy of your Post Title
  • Paste (or write) an excerpt from your post
  • Click the ‘Ping Now’ button.

Yikes – that’s more work/typing/copying & pasting than I want to bother with.

Worth trying out, I’d say.

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