Woman Finds Finger in Chili at San Jose Wendy’s

Chili cookA woman bit into a severed finger while digging into her bowl of chili at Wendy’s yesterday:

The restaurant at 1405 Monterey Highway was temporarily closed Tuesday night to allow health officials to impound the remaining chili, which was prepared on site, using a variety of ingredients. Health officials also seized all of the restaurant’s remaining stock of ingredients, which will be inspected, and traced back to their manufacturer.

Since all of the workers at the restaurant were in possession “of all 10 of their fingers,” health inspectors assume the finger likely entered the food chain as a result of the manufacturing process, according to county Environmental Resources Director Ben Gale.

How does a severed finger slip through the QA process at food processing plant? If the finger belongs to one of the workers at the plant, somebody must have known about it. Presumably the person who lost the finger knew about it. If there was reason to believe that the finger made it into the food, why didn’t they scrap the entire batch? Did they think nobody would notice?

Of all the fast food chains, Wendy’s is the only one that I like. I still plan to visit there occasionally, but I’m going to avoid the chili from now on.

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