Solution to SICP Exercise 2.2

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Solution to Exercise 2.2:

(define (make-segment start end)
(cons start end))

(define (start-segment s)
(car s))

(define (end-segment s)
(cdr s))

(define (make-point x y)
(cons x y))

(define (x-point p)
(car p))

(define (y-point p)
(cdr p))

(define (avg a b)
(/ (+ a b) 2))

(define (midpoint-segment s)
(let ((start (start-segment s))
(end (end-segment s)))
(make-point (avg (x-point start) (x-point end))
(avg (y-point start) (y-point end)))))

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Solution to SICP Exercise 1.39

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Solution to Exercise 1.39:

(define (cont-frac n d k)
(define (iter i sub-expr)
(if (= i 0)
(iter (- i 1) (/ (n i) (+ (d i) sub-expr)))))
(iter (- k 1) (/ (n k) (d k))))

(define (tan-cf x k)
(let ((x-squared-negated (- (* x x))))
(cont-frac (lambda (i) (if (= i 1) x x-squared-negated))
(lambda (i) (- (* 2 i) 1))