Solution to SICP Exercise 1.33

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Solution to Exercise 1.33:

(define (filtered-accumulate predicate combiner null-value term a next b)
(define (iter a result)
(if (> a b)
(iter (next a) (if (predicate a)
(combiner (term a) result)
(iter a null-value))

; part a
(define (square x) (* x x))

(define (sum-of-squared-primes a b)
(define (square-and-add i result) (+ (square i) result))
(filtered-accumulate prime? square-and-add 0 identity a inc b))

; part b
(define (product-of-positives-relatively-prime-to n)
(define (relatively-prime? i)
(= 1 (gcd i n)))
(filtered-accumulate relatively-prime? * 1 identity 1 inc (- n 1)))

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