Leaving for Las Vegas

Mandy and I are heading to Vegas for the weekend. Neither of us have ever been there.

Neither of us are much on gambling. Mandy doesn’t expect to spend any time in the casinos at all. If I happen to do any wagering at all, it’ll be solely for the entertainment value. I expect anything I bet to go directly into the pockets of the casino operators. You might as well tatoo the word ‘fish’ on my forehead.

The main reason for going is to catch a Cirque du Soleil show: Love. It is set to the music of the Beatles, and in our household the combination of Cirque du Soleil and Beatles music is simply irresistible.
This will be the first time I’ve seen a live performance by the company. If the video clips I’ve seen are any indication it should be spectacular.

Expect some photos when we return.

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