Tories introduce new anti-crime bills

With the two new “anti-crime” bills introduced today, one of which would impose mandatory minimum sentences on violent offenders, the Conservative government is sending a clear message: We don’t trust our judges!

Apparently Canada’s courts are so filled with incompetent and corrupt judges that the government can no longer trust their discretion when it comes to sentencing criminals.

Well, hurrah for the Conservatives! It’s about time somebody taught those nasty judges a lesson. For too long have they been terrorizing our great country with their leniency. All those years that our judges have worked in criminal law has surely softened their hearts to the point where they can’t possibly be expected to mete out the justice that violent crimes deserve.

With bills like these, we can take those bungling judges out of the loop once an for all. Important decisions like sentencing will be made up-front, as they should be, before the facts of a case are ever heard.

Kudos to Steven Harper, Justice Minister Vic Toews, and the new Conservative government for finally getting tough on the real crime problem: judges.

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