I Suck at Texas Hold’em

On Friday night, Mandy’s office held a small poker tournament. Considering what life lessons Steve Pavlina learned from playing poker and blackjack, I figured I’d give it a try.

I didn’t expect to do very well, despite skipping my Friday workout to practice at home on our PS2 with World Championship Poker, but I was shocked a just how hard I sucked at it. I finished 20th or 21st out of 24.

So being the kind of person who just can’t stand to suck at something that rests so firmly on one’s mathematical and analytical abilities, and knowing that assessing risks and capitalizing on opportunities is something that I’ll need to learn if I’m ever going to start a company, I’ve downloaded the PokerStars.net client to get some more practice.

We’ll see if it helps any at the next tournament.

Aside: Something tells me that gambling is one of the two things Dave Pollard chose to leave off his list things to do when you’re blue.

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