Opposition questions Harper’s ethics

From the how-the-tables-have-turned files, the CBC is reporting that the opposition questions Harper’s ethics:

Opposition MPs blasted Stephen Harper on Thursday for his refusal to co-operate with the federal ethics commissioner, with one MP threatening to hold the prime minister in contempt.

Jack Layton sums up the situation nicely:

On an election that was supposed to be about ethical behaviour, the first thing we have is an effort to try and fire somebody who is looking into the ethical behaviour of the prime minister

I’m always amazed that voters are so eager to fall for promises of accountability from politicians on the campaign trail. It’s a promise that they just can’t keep; not because politicians are in any way more evil than the rest of us, but merely because they are under far more scrutiny than most of us.

Of course, Harper should be smarter than to get into the hole that he’s now dug himself into. Not co-operating with an ethics commisioners investigation is just plain stupid.

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