Check out PBwiki

PBwiki logo I’ve been using PBwiki since shortly after they first made it available. It’s one of the few Web2.0 applications that I’ve found valuable enough to use regularly.

They offer a free, personal, password-protected wiki. A wiki is about the easiest way to create and edit a collection of web pages. Anybody who has used a wiki before has some idea of how versatile they can be. I use mine to collect my thoughts and store valuable information, like gift ideas for my wife and family, my favourite quotes from the books that I read, and maintenance logs on our lawn mower.

Anyways, I think it’s wonderful service and well worth looking at if you are at all interested in capturing your thoughts for later.

Disclosure: PBwiki is running a promotion where they will double the amount of storage space allotted to any of their users who post a link to their service. That I find the offer appealing should, I hope, indicate what I think of their service.

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