10 Tough Decisions You Must Make When Developing An Eclipse-based IDE

If you are planning to build an Eclipse-based IDE for an embedded processor, you have some important decisions to make; decisions that will set the stage for all of your future development.

In this series of posts I’ll discuss 10 of these decisions. I’ll identify some of the factors you should consider in making them, and tell you how we, at AMI Semiconductor, decided for our IDE.

These are the decisions I’ll address:

  1. CDT vs. DIY
  2. GNU tools vs. DIY
  3. ant vs. make
  4. stable vs. latest
  5. coordinated vs. independent release schedules
  6. branch and fix vs. wait for Eclipse developers
  7. replace views vs. live with it
  8. stand-alone product vs. set of plug-ins
  9. open source vs. proprietary
  10. join Eclipse Foundation vs. work independently

[Disclosure: Mark Melvin and I are slated to give a talk at EclipseCon on this topic in March. Any comments or feedback you can send our way before the February 17th content deadline would be greatly appreciated.]

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