Lessons in Hindsight

Guy Kawasaki shares some of the lessons he’s learned in hindsight. One in particular caught my attention:

4. People act like their last names sound. People may start to look like their dogs, but I think that they act like their last names sound. For example, I have a buddy named Will Mayall. He helps me with anything technical; for example, when I ask him if he can make my web site or blog do something, his initial response is, “I may be able to” and then two hours later he’s done it “all.” Hence, “may all.” Similarly, there’s Jean-Louis Gassée. He’s a funny guy–always armed with a great (usually sexual) metaphor to explain anything. He is a “gas” for the things that he “says”–hence, “gas say”. Then there’s Kawasaki–my high school football teammates told me that I was a “cow’s ass sagging.”

As you might guess, this didn’t find this observation encouraging.

And for those of you who might be wondering, I pronounce my last name so that it rhymes with sick, not psyche. Not that either pronunciation is all that flattering.

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