Larry releases Bleezer blogging software

Larry Borsato announced today that Bleezer is shipping:

If you are a blogger, Bleezer will give you the ability to post to all of your blogs, regardless of what service you use, on any platform you want. The Bleezer website also has a blog so that you can keep up with new features and versions.

Larry has been cranking away on Bleezer over the past couple months. When Larry first told me about Bleezer in late November, I really wasn’t expecting very much. He’d been working on it for only a few weeks at that point, and it showed. I couldn’t even post an article to my blog with the first version I offered to beta test. But as we came through December, Larry got on a roll, fixing bugs and adding features faster than I could keep up. Before I knew it he’d tranformed Bleezer into a surprisingly capable blogging client.

Don’t get me wrong, Bleezer is still fairly bare-bones, but Larry has some big ideas for it, and at the rate he’s been going at it lately, I’m guessing they aren’t that far off.

If you like to give it a spin, you can download it for yourself from the Bleezer website.

Congratulations, Larry, on getting it out. And thanks for fun tool.

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