New Year’s Eve Linkfest

I’d like to thank all of the bloggers that have enriched my life over the past year with the only gift that has any value on the web: a link. You are all doing wonderful work that I appreciate deeply. Thank you all.


blowing balloons, How to Save the World, larry borsato, Mandy’s Minutes, michael’s blog, Mike And Julie Willikes, Philip Greenspun Weblog, Rondam Ramblings, Armed and Dangerous, Crossroads Dispatches, pc4media, Thoughtless


Blog Tips at ProBlogger, The Intuitive Life Business Blog, Search Engine Guide Blog, Blogger Buzz, Freshblog, The Jason Calacanis Weblog, JenSense – Making Sense of Contextual Advertising, Naked Conversations


bBlog: The sales, marketing and business weblog | XPLANE, David V. Lorenzo – The Power of Perception, Be Excellentâ„¢, BusinessPundit, Cardboard Spaceship, Career Intensity Blog – David V. Lorenzo, – Development Through Enterprise – Eradicating P, Presentation Zen


Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen’s Column on Web Usability, Creating Passionate Users,


Eclipse News, Planet Eclipse

Getting Organized

43 Folders, To-Done


CBC Television – Rick Mercer Report, The Dilbert Blog, Rick Mercer’s Blog, Strange New Products


Michael Geist Law RSS Feed, Online Rights Canada, Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)


37days, Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog,


gapingvoid, Johnnie Moore’s Weblog, Marketing Begins At Home, Micro Persuasion, Seth’s Blog, Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing, Duct Tape Marketing, WOMMA’s Word of Mouth vs. Advertising



CBC | Canadian News, CBC | Top Stories News, CBC | Toronto News, CBC | World News, The Record Blogs, TI Semiconductor Press Releases


Don Box’s Spoutlet, Joel on Software, Lambda the Ultimate – Programming Languages Weblog, Planet Lisp, sicpexercises at Yahoo! Groups, Updates from, 3pBlog – Mickaël Rémond – Performance, Process, Parallelism .., Larry Osterman’s WebLog, The Old New Thing, Particletree RSS Digest, Planet Erlang, Randy Holloway Unfiltered 2.0, Scripting News, Sutter’s (Online) Mill, Xooglers


New Scientist – Latest Headlines, Cognitive Daily

Social Networking

Never Eat Alone Blog


About Entrepreneurs, Business Opportunities Weblog, David V. Lorenzo |, Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing, The Entrepreneurial Mind, Gary Will, Greg Yardley’s Internet Blog, Home Office Voice – Home Business on the Web, microISV, Way to Grow, a crash course in entrepreneurship, alarm:clock, BarryBlog, BizzBangBuzz – technology & startup blog from strategic business, Bootstrappers’ Blog!, Business Model Design Blog, Comments for Ashish Kulkarni’s Journal, Entreprenerd, Escape Velocity, eVenturing Entrepreneurs’ Viewpoint, Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650, Innovation to Products to Ventures, Kauffman eVenturing, Kauffman eVenturing Highlights, Lifestylepreneur — the art of self-employment, Noam Wasserman’s “Founder Frustrations” blog, Paul Dix Explains Nothing, Relax, Everything Is Deeply Intertwingled, Sacred Cow Dung, Simplicity, Small Biz Advisor – News and Views, Small Business Cookbook, Small Business Trends, Solo Tees Blog, Springwise. The global new business ideas newsletter. Issue 26, , The Startup Biz, Startup Blog,, StartupNation blogs, Story of a startup: bootstrapping, business, productivity, WebKEW, killer resources for entrepreneurs

Startup: Entrepreneurs

The Entreprexplorer’s Journal, Eric.Weblog(), Fractals of Change, Hot Points, The Lazy Way to Success, Signal vs. Noise,, Asterisk, College-Startup, Entrepreneur’s Journey by Yaro Starak, Ian Landsman’s Weblog, OnlyOnce, Paul Allen Blog, Stake Ventures, UrbanDirtbag

Startup: VCs

A VC, Feld Thoughts, Genuine VC, Now What?, Paul Graham: Unofficial RSS Feed, Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed, The Post Money Value, Bnoopy, EarlyStageVC, Joi Ito’s Web, Texas Venture Capital Web 2.0 Blog, Union Square Ventures


Ars Technica, Cool Tools, Jon’s Radio, MAKE: Blog, TechCrunch, timbl’s blog, INSPIONS, Om Malik on Broadband, Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

Tools & Services

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Waterloo, Student Life Centre, University of Waterloo News Releases


Boing Boing, jwz


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