Get 4 Months of Vonage for the Price of 3

Mandy and I have been using Vonage Canada as our primary phone service for over a year now and been very satisfied with it — especially the costs, although the voice quality is excellent, too.

We get our internet access via cable so we were able to sever all ties to Bell. Where we were formerly paying $60 per month for our phone service, our costs dropped to just $22 with Vonage, for a savings of about $456 per year.

Today I received an email from Vonage asking me to participate in a referral promotion that they have going. If I refer you to their service, you’ll get your first four months for the price of three.

So if you are in Canada and already planning to subscribe to Vonage’s service, send me an email and I’ll send you a coupon for a free month.

Disclaimer: For every new customer I refer, I receive two free months with their service.

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