Government-Issued Speed-Controlling Devices

Larry Borsato writes about some experimental new devices:

Transport Canada is testing an integrated GPS device that compares your speed to the posted limit of the streets you are driving on. The idea is to make sure that you can’t exceed that posted limit.

You can read more about the device on Engadget.

While I find the technology interesting, I wouldn’t want one of these devices in my car. I just don’t want some centralized authority invading my life like that.

I’ve occasionally wondered whether there is a more effective approach to keeping our roads safe. Here’s my nutty idea: Install a digital video camera on everybody’s dashboard. The camera is set to constantly record everything. Accompanying the camera is a big blue button. When you press the blue button, the camera sends the last five minutes of recorded video to the nearest police station wirelessly for review. If the reviewer agrees that an infraction has occurred, the offending driver is immediately issued a ticket.

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