Ron Garret’s Google Story

Ron Garret tells the story of how he left Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab to work for Google in what so-far is a four-part series on Xooglers.

Back in the day, I spent a lot of time lurking on comp.lang.lisp. Ron was a frequent poster there, though it was always under the pseudonym his former name of Erann Gat in those days. His was one of the many distictive voices that I enjoyed reading on that newsgroup. I’m glad to hear from him again.

Tip of the hat to John Wiseman.

Update (2005-12-14): A comment from Ron corrects an important mistake about his time as Erann Gat:

That wasn’t a pseudonym, that was actually my name at the time

Sorry, Ron. I should have checked my facts. Thanks for correcting it.

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