Bought a Palm VIIx

Although I work in the tech field, I’m actually a rather slow adopter of technology. So when my wife announced to some friends last night that I had purchased a PDA, their response was, “Welcome to the new millenium!”

This, of course, was an overestimation of the leap I’d taken. Considering that my purchase was of a Palm VIIx the more appropriate response would have been, “Welcome to the 1990s!”.

Anyways, a local liquidator, XS Cargo was selling them for $49.99CAN. I’ve been thinking of buying a PDA since I finished reading Getting Things Done. As I was just looking for something that I could store and transport my todo lists around on, the Palm VIIx seemed like the perfect fit. And the price was right.

I’ve played around with it a bit, and it looks like it will do the trick. I just need to get a holster so I can carry it around with me.

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