Changes in the Works

Since the early summer, this blog has been obsessively focused on entrepreneurship. As I’ve conducted my own research into starting a business, I’ve shared links to the articles that I’ve found most interesting, in the hopes that you, too, might find some of them useful.

It’s been a blast.

But it’s not what I ever really intended this blog to be. It was supposed to be about sharing ideas, participating in conversations, getting more involved in the world, and meeting interesting people. It’s been too long since I’ve written on a topic where I have some expertise. That’s something I’d like to get back to.

Still, I really enjoy doing the whole entrepreneurial news thing, and I’m not ready to give up on it just yet.

So… I’m thinking of making some changes. Here’s what I’m thinking.

The entrepreneurial material will move to a new blog: Startup Fever, a blog dedicated to entrepreneurial news.

The Meme Deflector will revert back to what I meant it to be before I started posting links to articles about marketing, competition, and startups: a place to share my ideas and experiences (some of which will likely have an entrepreneurial flavour). I hope some of you will stick around for it.

If not, you will still find all the entrepreneurial news and articles that you’ve come to expect at its new home, Startup Fever. If you use an RSS aggregator, like Bloglines or NewsGator, you can already subscribe to the new feed (, though you aren’t likely to find anything to read there for a while yet. The site is far from ready to go live.

I hope to post some more reminders before (and after) the move. In the meantime, it’s business as usual. Continue enjoying the usual entrepreneurial stuff here on the Meme Deflector.

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