WhizSpark Makes a Splash with a Word of Mouth Campaign

Peter Caputa of WhizSpark, a web application that helps event planners set up web sites to promote and manage registration for their events, is generating quite a lot of buzz in the blogosphere with a new promotion that offers users a chance to use the service free-of-charge.

What’s interesting here is how Peter is getting the word out. He’s relying on his blogger buddies to tell the world. And so far it seems to be working.

Allen Searls, Bob Bernier, Greg Gershman, and Gregory Narain have all blogged about the promotion, with promises from Peter that there are still more to come.

How did he get so many people to write about the new program? By 1. reaching out and fostering a network of relationships and 2. simply asking them to write about it.

The approach is evident in an email exchange I had recently with Peter where he wrote about blogging:

Lately, I’ve been a lot less concerned with readers and more concerned about collaborators. I’ve started cutting back on who I read. I am only reading people that read me and who link to me and who engage in conversation through the blogs and other means. I am making my blog more about getting to know people in a more meaningful way and supporting their initiatives and less about my writing.

Cool stuff.

There’s a lesson in there for all entrepreneurs, I’m sure.

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