Ken’s Bug Reporting System

When I arrived at the office yesterday morning, I was greeted by the following message box.

Windows Update dialog with typo

Apparently our IT staff had applied some patches to my machine overnight and I needed to reboot. Fine. Whatever. I’m used to that with Windows. I’ve learned to accept that I occasionally have to waste 15 minutes of my day reconstructing my desktop after a reboot the I didn’t initiate.

What bothered me was the typo in the message box. Successfully is spelled with three Ss, not two. I noticed the typo ages ago and every time I see it I get more annoyed by it. When I saw it yesterday, I’d had enough. I decided I was going to do something about it.

So I went to the Microsoft Support site looking for somewhere that I could report a bug. I poked around on the website for a few minutes, but quickly gave up. This is a bug that is going to take a developer two minutes to fix. Why should I put more effort than that into reporting a bug?

I finally decided to report the bug here instead of Microsoft’s award-winning support site, in the hopes that some clueful Windows Update developer with a PubSub feed might happen by it and spend two minutes fixing it. Are you that developer? Please fix it.

Update: After PubSub founder, Bob Wyman, wondered whether anybody from Microsoft had seen this posting, Robert Scoble confirms that they have. Cool! It’s working!

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