Taking the Digicam Plunge

For an embarrassingly long time, I’ve been promising Mandy that we would buy a digital camera. Last night, we finally took the plunge.

Our main criteria was price. We wanted to spend less than $300. After some surfing around TigerDirect, I found four Kodak cameras that worked: CX6445, CX7530, DX7440, and LS753.

The reviews of the DX7440 and LS753 on Imaging Resource and the dearth of reviews on the CX cameras convinced me that we were looking at a shootout between the DX7440 and the LS753.

Mandy and I compared the two. The LS753 is a 5 megapixel camera, but only has a 2.8x optical zoom. The DX7440 only has 4 megapixels, but a 4.0x optical zoom. We don’t expect that we’ll be printing out to many large (>5×7) photos, so the extra megapixel of resolution didn’t seem all that important. I wanted more than the 2.8x optical zoom of the LS753.

So the DX7440, it was. It should be arriving this week. Expect to see some shots on Flickr by the weekend.

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