What’s Wrong With Me?

Mandy thought I might be suffering from Hyperlexia. I show all the signs:

  • Learn expressive language in a peculiar way, echo or memorize the sentence structure without understanding the meaning (echolalia), reverse pronouns
  • Rarely initiates conversations
  • An intense need to keep routines, difficulty with transitions, ritualistic behavior
  • Auditory, olfactory and/or tactile sensitivity
  • Self-stimulatory behavior
  • specific, unusual fears
  • Normal development until 18-24 months, then regression
  • strong auditory and visual memory
  • Difficulty answering “Wh–” questions, such as “what,” “where,” “who,” and “why”
  • Think in concrete and literal terms, difficulty with abstract concepts
  • Listen selectively, appear to be deaf

But it turns out I’m just an anti-social jerk. Thanks, Mind Hacks.

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