Basement Renovation: Framing the Walls

There’s been some noticeable progress on the basement reno. Over the past two weekends, nearly all of the walls are now framed.

On the first weekend, I laid out and installed the plates. I used a Remington 476 Powder Actuated Hammer to attach the bottom plates to the concrete floor. When loaded with a .22 caliber charge, a wack to the handle with a hammer causes the charge to explode, driving a nail into virtually anything. Having never used one of these before, I wasn’t sure what to expect from using one, but what a blast! Literally! After the first shot, I was gun-shy for the rest of the day.

Last Saturday, Mandy’s father, Paul, came by to help install the studs. This man has a lot of experience, to put it mildly. He built his own house. Needless to say, his advice was very welcome.

His hands were welcome too. By the end of the day we had nearly all the walls complete. Paul handled all the tricky tedious bits, while I plugged away at the straightforward stuff. I’m much further ahead of where I would have been had he not helped. Thanks a bunch, Paul!

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