UW Programming Team Places First in North America, Fourth Internationally

From the University of Waterloo press release:

A University of Waterloo student team placed fourth Wednesday (April 6) in the 29th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, hosted by China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University — which also fielded the winning team.

Members of the “Waterloo Black” Team were Ralph Furmaniak (second-year Pure Mathematics), Matei Zaharia (second-year Computer Science) and David Narum (second-year Mathematics exchange student from Norway). The coach of the team was Prof. Gord Cormack, School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Mathematics.

Bravo, Ralph, Matei, David, and coach Cormack! Ralph was also on the team that placed fourth in the recently announced Putnam Math Competition.

They answered seven problems out of ten. Considering the problem set, I’d say that’s pretty damn amazing!

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