The Dos and Don’ts of Giving a Demo

VentureBlog has some advice on giving demos in The Dos and Don’ts of Presenting at DEMO:

  • It is all about the demo.
  • Leave room for spontaneity (or at least appear like you have)
  • Have fun
  • Have a backup plan
  • Don’t praise your own product
  • Don’t use a tag line
  • Don’t say what you’re looking for out of your DEMO
  • Don’t list your partners unless they are great (and probably even not then)
  • Don’t try to be funny if you aren’t funny
  • Don’t sing

The article is directed to those who are presenting at the DEMO conference, but most of the advice seems generally useful for anybody who is demonstrating a technical product, be it to VCs or otherwise. (via Scobleizer)

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