For months now, I have detested the design of the template that I was using for this blog. So here’s a change. I think it is a slight improvement, but it is still far from ideal. Some day I will ditch these canned designs and make something really smart; something good enough to be displayed in the css Zen Garden. Of course I’m dreaming.

Much more than the design of the template, the name of the blog, Ken Dyck’s Weblog: Links to Stuff, has also been bothering me. While it is an accurate title, it lacks a certain punch. After many agonizing seconds, I finally settled on Within our Ken, because of its poetic dual meaning. If the duality is not apparent, I refer you to the definition of ken.

You’ll notice that the tag line is still blank. This one requires more than a few seconds of thought. I gradually lost interest in this blog after I decided to limit myself to short posts consisting mainly of links. Over time, I started to feel like a lackey for Google, but with my mostly non-existant readership not a very effective one.

Anyway, over the next little while, I intend to do some thinking about narrowing the focus of this blog, and coming up with tag line to match. Until then, enjoy the links to stuff.

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