Giving Emacs another chance

Today, I am going to start using Emacs.

For the past five years, or so, I have been a Vim guy. Vim is a great text editor. I love the user interface. It is the most esoteric piece of software I have ever used, but once I climbed the learning curve, I could edit text more effectively than I had ever done before.

Over the past year couple years, I developed an interest in the Lisp programming language. I was aware that Emacs was a programmable editor and that its programming language was a Lisp. This seemed like an ideal opportunity. I could extend my editor in a language that I really enjoyed programing.

So last summer I decided to give Emacs a try. It was difficult getting started. The learning curve, like Vi, is pretty steep. Furthermore, all the Ctrl-Alt chording was physically painful. I managed to find and use the vip package (a Vi emulator for emacs), which eased some of the pain, but I found I still had to do way too much chording to be comfortable with Emacs. I gave up and went back to Vim.

Now the lure of a Lisp interpreter in my text editor has tempted again. So much so, that I am going to give Emacs another shot. If I can’t get Emacs to do what I want, I guess I will just have to write my own editor, but for now I am going see if I can make Emacs work for me.

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