Foiled by Outlook

I had intended to post a screenshot of an amusing survey that MSN Communities is running. Paul, a co-worker of mine, discovered it today, and sent it around the office attached to an email. I, in turn, forwarded it to my Hotmail account, which I access from home using Outlook Express, but when I got home and downloaded the email, the attachment had disappeared.

I managed to download the attachment from Hotmail, but it was sent as file named “winmail.dat”. A little bit of Googling and I found Fentun to decode it. Fentun finds the attachment, but it is unnamed (and half the size of its encoded version).

I have no idea in what file format the image is stored, so I will wait until tomorrow to post the humourous screenshot.

I guess this is just one of the ways that Microsoft aims to win my trust.

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