Amazon S3: Storage on the Web

This looks useful, Amazon S3:

Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.

Tip of the hat to TechCrunch

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Philips develops a woodstove that saves lives and preserves energy resources

Philips develops a woodstove that saves lives and preserves energy resources:

Philips Research today announced the end of successful trials of a woodstove for cooking in communities currently relying on less efficient means. The stove cuts the smoke and toxic emissions which are claimed to cause 1.6 million deaths a year. It also burns more efficiently to reduce the load on the existing energy supply chain, without involving dependence on non-renewable energy sources. The stove could benefit up to 300 million families in the world’s poorest regions.

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Yes, it’s been the warmest Canadian winter on record

It may surprise readers from outside of Canada that plenty of Canadians complain about the cold winters. It annoys me, especially this winter, which, according to CBC News, has been the warmest Canadian winter on record:

It isn’t final proof that the world is heating up, but federal climatologists say this has been the warmest Canadian winter since nationwide record-keeping began in 1948.

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Iran rejects Moscow’s nuclear proposal

The CBC is reporting that Iran has rejected Moscow’s nuclear proposal:

Iran has ruled out a proposal to move its uranium enrichment program to Russia, spurring complaints that it was wrecking any chance of a compromise to end the standoff over its nuclear program.

There’s got to be more to the story than the CBC has been able to dig up. I wonder what it is.

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One Step Closer to Cheap Hydrogen Fuel

Dave Talbot, for MIT Technology Review, reports that GE is one step closer to cheap hydrogen fuel:

Now researchers at GE say they’ve come up with a prototype version of an easy-to-manufacture apparatus that they believe could lead to a commercial machine able to produce hydrogen via electrolysis for about $3 per kilogram — a quantity roughly comparable to a gallon of gasoline — down from today’s $8 per kilogram. That could make it economically practical for future fuel-cell vehicles that run on hydrogen.

Tip of the hat to John Laumer at Treehugger.

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