17 Mistakes Start-Ups Make

John Osher: “Mistake 2: Miscalculating market size, timing, ease of entry and potential market share. ‘Most new entrepreneurs get very excited over an idea and don’t look for the truth about how many people will want to buy it. They put together financial projections as part of a presentation to pump up their investors. They say, ‘The market size is 50 million people that could use this product, and if I could only sell to 2 percent of them, I’d be selling a million pieces.’ But 2 percent of a market is a lot. Most products sell way less than 1 percent.'”

Blog Utopia

Jason Calacanis: “I gotta tell, I’m much happier myself now. Our work is making people’s lives better (both reader and writer—even the advertisers), and my job over the last couple of months has moved from figuring out how to make the model work to—well—defending the business from being corrupted.”

Forbes Best of the Web: Small Business Blogs

Forbes: “In addition to transmitting news, industry gossip and occasional rants, the best small business blogs offer interactivity, allowing readers to chime into the dialogue with their own bright ideas. There are, unfortunately, too many small business blogs peddling the same prosaic resources you can get from a simple google search.” (via Matt Linderman)

Here are the winners:

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Fresh Inc
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Entrepreneurial Mind
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