Million Dollar Experiment

Steve Pavlina:

I’ve decided to try a new experiment to see if I can attract a large sum of money into my life. I arbitrarily opted for $1 million, since that’s a significant enough sum that I’ll definitely notice it. So basically I’m going to attempt to become a millionaire. And most of all, I’m going to attempt it by using the intention-manifestation model to make it more fun and challenging. This means I’ll allow myself to be guided by intuition as opposed to rigidly planning out every detail. I’m also not planning to directly spend any of my existing cash to get it, except through reinvesting cash that comes by way of the experiment. So I’ll be starting with $0 seed money, and if I happen to need cash for some kind of initial investment, I’ll have to attract that cash too.

Solutions Looking for a Problem

Don Dodge:

Entrepreneurs like to solve problems and improve things, which often leads to “solutions looking for a problem”. It is important to remember the difference between Consumer problems and Enterprise problems. Entrepreneurs fall into the “solution looking for a problem” trap when they try to solve problems from a technical perspective and don’t completely understand the business aspects.