Small Teams. Big Things.

D. Keith Robinson:

I imagine many of you have heard about the whole “doing big things with small teams” idea. The first time I’d heard of it was during Jason Fried’s presentation at SXSW. It’s a concept that we at Blue Flavor are behind 100%.

However, we’re finding that, at times anyway, it can be much easier said then done. Especially when it comes to getting our business up and running.

Flipping – A Model That’s Easy to Get

Greg Yardley:

Well, yes – there were a rather lot of businesses there whose main hope for a liquidity event seemed to be ’sell to a larger business’. But I can’t really blame people, since this is a model that’s easy to intellectually grasp:

1. Build something cool.
2. Talk it up with the right people.
3. Wait for Google / Yahoo / Amazon / eBay / AOL / Microsoft to notice.
4. Hope like hell they’d rather buy it than build it.

See, easy – even I understand it.

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Web 2.0 – Building Features or Value?

Brad Feld:

The overwhelming attempt at pattern matching from 2001 (Bubble this, bubble that) completely misses the point. There were a number of very successful companies founded between 1999 and 2001 that didn’t implode when the bubble popped, with entrepreneurs who kept their heads down, built real businesses, and then started to reap the gains in 2003 and 2004 when the markets became more receptive to younger tech companies, especially ones that had built business engines that generated real positive cash flow (e.g. long term economic value).

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