Multicore Angst

Hannibal for Ars Technica:”Now it’s time to face the multithreaded, multicore music. In the new world, a world of which both the Xenon and the Cell are a part, programmers have a whole lot more work to do, in terms of both splitting their applications up into threads and of optimizing those individual threads.”

Live from Leamington

Explanation of the recent dirth of posts on this blog: Mandy and I celebrated our anniversary last Monday with a visit to Bhima’s Warung (amazing, as usual). On Wednesday we celebrated Mandy’s birthday with a trip to the Mandarin Chinese Buffet in Burlington (filling, as usual). On Thursday we drove to Leamington for a family event over the long weekend (and I thought the Mandarin was filling!). Mandy returned to Waterloo today, leaving me in Leamington for the week so I can visit with my sister who made a rare trip to Ontario from Vancouver.

Hopefully, I’ll have some time between our many feedings to make a few posts. Here goes nothing.