Great Ideas Versus Great Teams

Joel Welsh: “Maybe you haven’t started up your dream business yet. You’d love to be an entrepreneur and strike out on your own. So, what do you spend your time thinking about? Most people think about the idea for what their business will do to make money. I submit that instead we should be thinking about who we want to be in the foxhole with.”

Office Funagalo

Tony Plant in a People Management article (via Johnie Moore):

Having observed a lot of meetings and team activities I have concluded that many workers speak “Office Funagalo”. Author McCall Smith tells us that Funagalo, a language invented for giving instructions in African mines, is good for telling people what to do: it has “many words for push, take, carry, load, and no words for happiness”

How Many Co-founders?

Allen Morgan: “If you want to raise money from VC’s, here’s a really tough, really important question you ought to ask yourself very early in the process: ‘How many co-founders should I have?’ Having the wrong ‘answer’ to this question can make your life difficult in some subtle (and odd) ways.”

School’s Out!

Joan Isabella: “You may be painfully aware that the school year is over. If you work out of your home, the noise level is a dead giveaway. No matter the age of your children, your work and their needs are most likely colliding. I’ve talked to entrepreneurs who are trying to tough it out through the summer months to save on the childcare bills, and others who have hired full-time help to get through the school break. Changes in schedules alone are bound to cause tension in the home. Don’t let the school vacation wreak havoc with your summer. Keep these tips in mind, and add your own personal experiences and ideas too.”